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    January 18th, 2005
    Do any body here get someting similar to this:

    ON YOUR SITE, xxxxxxxxxx.Com
    OCCURRED ON Sun Jan 25 03:06:43 2004
    WHEN THE URL luggage-0551.html WAS REQUESTED
    BY A USER AT IP Address
    USER Remote Port 55354
    Referring URL
    Logged On To
    By The Name
    THE BROWSER WAS ia_archiver

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    The bigger question is not why they look for missing pages but why you want them on your site to begin with.

    This robot is Amazon/Alexa's "wayback machine" bot. Unless you need to have someone maintain a digital record of every page of every widgit on your site several times a year, I see no earthly reason or benefit to having them spider your site.

    The "Internet Archive" is just another Amazon program to gather any information they can to use for their own commercial ends. I blocked their sorry ass long ago. It is far from what was laughingly called "a copy of the web" and Amazon has no more right to copy and present my content without my consent than any other "site copier."

    If, on the other hand, you find great value in ia_archiver visiting your site and the getting thousands of emails about pages no longer in existance, then the answer to your question is perhaps the ia_archiver bot is a piece of crap? Why not ask them?


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