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    While signing up for different affiliate programs I notice some of them want a company name.

    I usually put N/A in this field.. should I put my real name instead if I don't have a business name yet?

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    Since you are trying to make money online...

    Maybe you should come up with a Business Name...

    and start treating your efforts like a business...

    there are advantages to doing this...

    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    I always leave it blank.

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    Get a business name - it is very easy to have it arranged. I went with incorporation... indeed, there are advantages

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    There are good reasons to use a company name, though having something to put in those blanks isn't enough to justify one. Give this more thought.

    There are benefits and drawbacks and there are many types of business types. You need to look carefully at all of them before making a decision.

    Here in the US, the simplest is the sole-propriatorship which, in effect treats your business as simply an extension of yourself in that it isn't a separate legal entity and offers no legal protections. Very often, this is the right choice to make, especially if your business offers little or no risk of harm to others. What it does is allow you to operate a business under another name. (DBA or "Doing business as." You can also open a bank abbout in this name.

    I assume there is a similar model in Canada.


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    Get a company name. But you will have to create a real business and get a real bank account for it to cash the checks.


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    Whatever you do make sure there are no typos EVER.

    I ran into major problems when a Company was limited to how many letters you could use.

    Example: Enterprises

    My bank could not accept the entire name to include Enterprises so the bank did ENTP. Without telling me.

    I went to obtain my Cert – and they could not authorize it as a valid company since my business license was Enterprises and my bank was ENTP. It took me over a month to get everything fixed.


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