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    It Really Works!
    Ummm, this might be extreme but...I went to Botswana for 10 months and did not change my eating habits. When I returned home I had lost 50 pounds. My thought is more exercise and food that was fresh.

    I would recommend this to everyone! As a weight loser and as an experience you will never forget.

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    So you are recommending that everybody move to Botsowana for ten months to lose weight???

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    Sure! lol But buying better foods and exercising alot can do amazing things... Cutting out processed foods and fast foods and cheese.

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    There are so many advantages to eating fresh food, besides losing weight you will also have more energy. It can be more expensive but the effects are well worth it. I try to buy fresh fruit and veggies as much as I can, when money is tight not so fresh food will do
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    I cut down on processed food a while ago (more accidental as I was just testing possible allergic reactions).

    It's hard to describe, but everything seems to just work better. It makes me wonder what is actually in processed food...

    And congrats on the 50 pounds, that's awesome!

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    cutting down on the process food is huge for weight loss and feel more energetic. try it out for two weeks, you'll notice a difference and lose a few pounds while your at it. eat better, eat smaller meals 5 times a day, go for a walk or run everyday! you'll be in better shape.

    Try those fruit smoothies, they're filling, delicious, and good for you. they'll replace a few meals for ya.

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    junk food diet
    50 pounds in 10 month is very impressive.

    It took me 9 months to loose 8 lb from 172 to 164.

    Here is my junk food diet secret

    I never prepare food at home and eat only twice a day. No snax in between except coffee with milk.
    Workout 1 hr X 4 days a week Mostly treadmill cover 12-14 miles a week (3 miles a day)

    Lunch & dinner
    twice a week in "jack in the box" - chicken sandwich with curly fries
    twice a week at Chipotle - Chikcen bowl
    Once a week at qdoba - Chicken gumbo
    twice a week - Subway mostly turkey
    once a week - thai red curry with chicken
    Once a week - chicken phoga at vietanmese restraunt
    once a week - Quiznos - mostly turky

    Saturday & sunday
    Eat & drink whatever I could find. I call it as freak out days.

    Coffee with lot of milk at least twice

    Eat junk live healthy

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    Just Eat Right
    I've gone from 255 to 165 - 170 in less than a year, just by eating healthy foods and being paranoid about being DEAD!

    Health has gone to crud in the last 5 - 6 years...

    Have to make changes if I want to live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemodelingGuy
    I've gone from 255 to 165 - 170 in less than a year
    Impressive change, Jimmy. Congrats.
    Richard Gaskin
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    No, Botswana helped because there was no fast food and Starbucks on every fact...there weren't many corners at all lol!

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    Well, loosing that much weight is a very good accomplishment. The next challenge is maintaining it hehehe

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    Raw foods are supposed to be the very best for both nutrition and weight loss. My nephew is on a raw food diet and has not only lost a lot of weight but has increased his energy level 4 fold. I'm thinking about it for myself as I could use the energy and in my heart and soul I know all the additives found in our foods are not good for humans but I simply haven't gotten around to it.
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    Eating natural unprocessed foods will do amazing things beyond just loosing weight, check out the book “The Gold Coast Cure” I had drinks with the authors and they’re an amazing couple. As far as raw foods not my thing but look up “Fit For Life Not Fat For Life”

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    balance diet + exercise = healthy mind and body.

    Persuasion and motivation will help. Fresh foods and hydrotherapy.

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