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    Talking Another reason to lose weight?
    If You Fly United - Lose the Weight or Pay More!
    United Airlines to charge overweight passengers for two seats

    From now on, United Airlines passengers with extra-wide bodies will have to pay for an extra seat - if they want to fly the friendly skies.


    Passengers requiring extra space
    This policy applies to tickets purchased on or after March 4, 2009, for travel on or after April 15, 2009.,6722,52985,00.html

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    Will they be measuring you before you board

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeymourButts
    Will they be measuring you before you board
    , I don't know!

    The last time I was inside an airplane (over 30Y ago), I could easily fit two of me on the same seat.

    But now I wonder if two skinny kids can fly on United for the price of one, if both kids can fit on one seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sal
    But now I wonder if two skinny kids can fly on United for the price of one, if both kids can fit on one seat.
    That is a VERY interesting point Mr. Sal, I wonder how long until there is a lawsuit claiming that if the airline is charging fat people by weight they are discriminating against thin people by not charging by weight.
    Someday starts today
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    I wish they had this charge 4 years ago. I was on a flight from Cleveland to Tampa and could not sit back the whole flight. The people on both sides of me hung a little over a quarter way into my seat , what are the odds of that? This was the worst flight I have ever been on, I was so cramped. Now I always prefer not to be in the middle. Nothing against bigger people, just bad luck I guess.
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    I know that a woman with a flat tummy but a large butt (some women are like that) if her butt can not fit inside her seat with the rail down then you get the charge now. Your butt can not intrude onto the other person's seat. So they are saying now if you can not fit in your seat with the rail down you get the charge. Where I see a problem is that older men with no butt but a gut the size of 3 basketballs wouldn't inure this charge. So it is a fat butt woman charge basically.

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    The rule isn't really as bad as it sounds. If there are available seats on the plane, they'll just reaccomodate the person to a seat that has an empty seat next to it (for no additional cost). If there are no seats available, that's when they move them to the next flight and make them buy a second seat. They get to buy the second seat at the same price as their original ticket, which is usually considerably less than a same-day ticket costs.

    Also, you would have to be pretty big for this to apply. I'm not a small guy, and the seat belts normally still have about six inches of slack for me. And that's without an extender. The policy applies for people who can't buckle their seat belt with a single extender (along with a couple other requirements). I would be surprised if more than 1/10th of 1% of people need 2 or more extenders.

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    Unfortunately the XXXX large traveler has consequences for others on their flights also. Here's a frightening tale that I posted last summer in response to a thread about L.A.'s moratorium on fast-food restaurants.

    Enjoy: How to defy the laws of gravity

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