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    Do last minute deals rob affiliate commissions?
    I'm doing major renovations on my sites as mentioned in
    Inspired by a sig

    I clicked a product link found on one of my pages which no longer led to the specific product but led to a general merchant page. As I was leaving a chat screen popped up and this was the first message:
    Jacqueline Says:Hey wait! I have just been authorized to offer you a last minute deal, how would you like 20% off the highest priced item in your shopping cart??... To accept this very limited offer just CLICK HERE
    I bet if I were a potential customer and I clicked "here" that the affiliate commissions would be wiped out.
    What do you think?

    In fact Jacqueline kept on offering me more deals as her chats scrolled down the screen.

    I wonder how many merchants use this technique?
    I bet the affiliate's cookies are overwritten in the process.

    I wonder if this chat screen would pop up if a customer had hit the "checkout button"?
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    Try searching this forum for "intellichat" or "fake chat," to see earlier discussions of this (one thread was about Laptops for Less).

    It's a very annoying pop-up tool which creates the appearance of increased conversions (by claiming credit for closing sales when customers attempt to exit the site to search for coupon codes). Unfortunately, it also annoys and alienates some customers, and I believe it costs more sales than it "saves."

    I don't think that affiliates cookies are overwritten by the fake-chat-window script, but I suppose that some merchants might do so.

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    It depends what solution is being used. Though some "chat" solutions may overwrite affiliate cookies, more often than not when I've recently asked merchants, the response is that it does not touch the affiliate cookie. There was a session at ASW about this exact topic ( ), and mentions that UpSellIt leaves affiliate cookies alone, yet can increase the conversion rate for affiliates.

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    We talked about this 5 years ago. Many merchants were subcontracting their customer support to third parties using LivePerson and they were paid with our commissions. I don't know if these merchants are still doing it. I don't work with them anymore.
    Can you believe LivePerson has a pretty new affiliate program with GAN?

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