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    How to deal with spam compaints?
    Hi guys,
    As you do email marketing, spam complains will be always there.
    How do handle them?

    Where do you go to see complains, what is the step by step process to make some clearance on the domain that was blacklisted for whatever reason?

    For example our IP was blacklisted yesterday even thou we haven't done any bulkmailing from it. Hah? I was saying something about Policy Black Listing and home DNS. With whom can we solve it?

    Thank you.

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    Blacklisting can happen for many different reasons. Although you say that no bulk emailing was done "from" your IP, you also say, "As you do email marketing, spam complains will be always there," implying that you are engaged in email marketing. If there is spam being sent that promotes your business, you can expect your business' IP address to get blacklisted at some point.

    There is no single centralized blacklist; there are hundreds of separate blacklists. It is quite nearly impossible to get removed from all of them. And private companies that struggle against an onslaught of spam have absolutely no duty to offer you "due process" or a hearing, or an opportunity to appeal -- no online business could survive with such requirements.

    About 10 years ago, I re-installed my mail server software, unaware that the default configuration allowed "open relaying," and within an hour, spambots had detected the open relay and spammers were forwarding thousands of spam emails through my server. Fortunately, one of the blacklisting services was courteous enough to notify me via email about the situation within a couple of hours. I disabled relaying within a few hours, but already several blacklisting services had identified and added my IP address to the blacklists. And they were right to do so -- an open relay mail server should NOT be tolerated. After I fixed the problem (and yelled loudly at the software vendor for delivering a completely unacceptable default configuration), I started working to get removed from blacklists. Some removed me automatically, after polling and verifying that the relay was disabled. It took weeks to get removed from several lists, and I would not be surprised if that IP is still on some blacklists today.

    Unfortunately, because I've been a vocal opponent of spam in the past, some spammers enjoy forging my domains in their spam emails, in order to cause me to see thousands of "bounce" messages and angry complaints. One of my domains was so often abused that I actually encouraged others to use that domain name as a spam filter (I never sent email from that domain, so any email showing that domain in the address was forged).

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    Thank you, Mark.
    Actually no, we have not done email marketing yet but intended to do that with opt-in lists. Nevertheless as I understand at least some % of complains should be expected. So, I want to be prepared.
    Well, so how do you remove yourself if not from all, at least from majority of black lists?

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    What blacklists are you on? There are a few "blacklists" out there that are pretty much meaningless if you get on, while others are actually used in conjunction with spam-blocking programs.

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