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    Question Help - Newbie wants to learn fast but not sure how?
    Hi, I am a newbie to affiliate marketing, I have been doing it 3 hours a night for the last two months while in another job with the hope of quitting my current job and doing it full time or at least 3 days a week. I have never done internet marketing and felt affiliate marketing was the best place to start. So far I am really enjoying the process but am confused at all the information out there. I have looked at some online courses Profit Lance, Wealthy Affiliate and Copy N Profit - who have also offered to fast track me with one on one mentoring (of course for a large fee). I really want to fast track my learning and have been spending time on PPC also to try to learn the ropes. Does anyone have any advice or courses (with no self benefit) as to how to fast track my learning? How long should I realistically give myself to start earning an income of a $1000 plus per month? I would really love to hear some "real" stories from "real" affiliate marketers. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa T
    I really want to fast track my learning and have been spending time on PPC also to try to learn the ropes. Does anyone have any advice or courses (with no self benefit) as to how to fast track my learning?
    My advice is to postpone PPC while you are learning the ropes. If you don't know what you are doing, you can lose a lot of money with PPC. Continue to educate yourself about PPC but don't actually put your money on the line until you are confident.

    In terms of courses, my advice is to sign up for applicable courses at a local community college [they offer online courses too]. Take courses in web design, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc... Community colleges offer courses in MySql and PHP etc...

    There is no magic Guru out there to wave a magic wand.

    • Learn to create a website
    • Focus your site
    • It helps if you build your site[s] around topics that genuinely interest you
    • It helps if your site can answer potential questions visitors would have about your topic
    • What makes your site stand out among all the other sites listed for that topic in Search Engines?
    • Get Hosting
    • Get a domain that will reflect your "brand/site"
    • Photoshop & Illustrator will come in handy for your logo and design. There are open source art programs available such as the Gimp.
    • Learn all you can about SEO [an ongoing process]
    • Read the forum here at ABW
    • Sign up with networks
    • Sign up with merchant affiliate programs listed with the networks
    • Good luck
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    "How long should I realistically give myself to start earning an income of a $1000 plus per month?"

    Realistically, it could take years, or it could be never.

    If you are willing to put some serious work into building a good affiliate site(s), then you could be earning an income of $1,000+

    As for how long that will take you, nobody will be able to answer that. Too many factors can determine how much you will end up earning, if any

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merchant Consultant Team
    You'll save yourself time & $ by reading the "Magic Bullet" thread as posted by Merchant Consultant Team.

    There isn't a recipe for "guaranteed" success. You'll find internet marketers and MLMers who'll tell you differently, but they earn $ by selling info to newbies, much of it actually available free on the Internet, or outdated info that's no longer useful. The fast track is to start reading through the ABW Affiliate Academy threads: Good luck & much success to you!
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    Many of the "get rich quick" courses show you how to use PPC marketing to buy traffic into landing pages with affiliate links. This is kinda like playing poker. You can win sometimes, but the game can be pretty tough and you are building very little long-term value.

    You can still buy PPC traffic into specific landing pages, but try to make the landing pages part of a larger site that will grow over time and get repeat visitors and word of mouth recommendations.

    It is good to learn some of the technical programs, but it is not necessary and wouldn't be what I spend my time on. I use hosted applications such as WordPress, Blogger, and Ning to build profesional looking sites. By having these applications take care of all the technical and design aspects, I can focus on content creation, traffic building, performance testing, monetization testing, etc...

    Personally, I wouldn't pay anyone anything in the beginning. Try to learn as much as you can and save your money for when you feel like you know more about what you are trying to do.

    Ask your questions here while you build a site and try to generate some traffic. Try to find an idea/site that will grow on its own so you don't have to rely on buying all of your traffic.
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    The PPC way is a little dangerous for new affiliates, because it needs money, but it is the way many experienced affiliates go. Read around the forums to learn how to optimize a campaign, how to peak performing but cheap keywords and give it later a try with a low budget

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    Wow thanks so much for all the advice, I am going to get stuck into learning as much as I can before I go any further and definately keep in touch with the forums! Thanks

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