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    Question Endless reversals?
    I was reviewing my commission paid in April and noticed that of the 11 shoe merchants that I received commissions from, Endless had reversed more sales than the other 10 merchants combined. I started looking at what was pending and noticed the same.

    Has anyone else noticed this trend with Endless?
    Danny W Bonin Jr
    Bonin Group, Inc.

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    I have started to see alot more reversed sales from several clothing merchants sites not just shoes. The percentage are way up. I also seen the number of $0 sales increasing. I thinking that I am making the sales but merchants do not want to pay.

    I am seeing this on SAS and Linkshare as well not just CJ

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    For me, Endless has consistently been one of the shoe merchants with the lowest reversal rates -- in the 6-10% range since October when I started tracking reversals at the merchant level.

    Compared with Zappos at 35-40%, I'm pretty happy with the reversal numbers for Endless. Hopefully they'll have a new affiliate manager soon who will keep the lines of communication open and keep us informed of new promotions. And give us a heads up as to why they drop commission rates without even an explanation.

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