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    How are your Online Sales Doing? Up or Down?
    If this isn't the correct place for this post feel free to move it.

    I know we are in a recession and money is somewhat more tight but ...

    Lately, the past 3 months or so, I've noticed that eventhough my traffic is going up, my commissions are going down almost to the point of closing up shop. I would say that my sales have decline to about 10 to 15% of what I consider normal (the world 6 months ago). I'm starting to think that my merchants aren't reporting because they are having trouble paying their own bills, but how am I to know.

    I was wondering about how other people are doing, percentage wise, to see if what I'm thinking has any merit.

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    I'm in a state in which some relationships with merchants were hurt by sales tax legislation, so that has warped what I see. There are probably many reasons other than merchant cheating to consider.

    The number of visitors coming to my sites has fallen further since June 1 last year. I present about 400 merchants but only two are a consistant source of income.

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    It looks like that my affiliate commissions is going to come in at a 3 year low this month.

    As many sites are involved, I cannot track the actual traffic properly. However, I do have adsense on these sites as well and the adsense earnings have not dropped that dramatically. So I am quite convinced that there is a real and drastic drop in conversion rates.

    The really worrying thing is that the summer months are traditionally very bad for many physical products. So I expect things to get worse in the next few months.

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    Up, up, up - I kickstarted this by a hefty price cut after hearing the Amazon boss say he thought that wasn't a bad idea in these times, admittedly, but ROI definitely up.

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