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    November 29th, 2005
    Hope this question is not to depressing
    I am guessing that a lot of you have prepared a Will, Life Insurance, etc for when that day finally comes hopefully not to soon.

    My question(s) are what do I need to do with regards to my affiliate marketing business?? Should I add my spouse name to my CJ, SAS, etc accounts?? Domain Names?? Hosting??

    I am sure even if my sites went on auto pilot for a few years the earning would be quite large so just losing that money does not make since and I sure the extra income would help pay a lot of bills.

    Do you have any suggestions on what should be done with regards to estate planning when it comes to affiliate marking??

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    That's not depressing, you're just being practical. Sounds like a good idea: putting your spouse in your account to keep the payments coming in.


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    I'd suggest your spouse be offered enough training to be able to do at least minimal upkeep on the sites . . .

    and some sites can be considered intellectual property. if busy enough, upon your demise they could be sold. would be good to leave instructions, even if very general.

    even enough training given to a family member to be able to extend a domain name for a year or two or three could be important.

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    Nobody wants to think about it, but we need to prepare for it. We all have worked way too hard building our affiliate marketing efforts to let it hang in the wind when we are gone. I wrote a set of instructions and put it in a place where it will be found. I also put instructions in my will. Nobody wants to be hit by a bus, but some people are.

    My next goal is to get my wife involved with the basics of the business so she has an idea of what I do and how it is done.
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    Putting together a sent of instructions sounds like a great idea and I will start working on that part. But as far as getting the networks to keep my account active and to pay my wife/family what do I need to do their. I do not want them to have to create a new account so that all links would need to be updated.

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    It's a tricky sort of business to carry on if you don't know it. The value of affiliate sites tends to fade pretty quickly if not maintained - the best idea usually is to try to sell the site on.

    Sadly, it does happen. Two ABWers that I know of who passed away were Walleyewarrior (Brain LeClaire) and Don Council (Obstinatedon). I'm not sure what happened to their sites afterwards, perhaps somebody knows,.

    It's not just affiliate sites that have the problem I suppose, all income generating websites have a similar problem.
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