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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    What makes this so funny is that it isn't a joke.
    So its 3 am in the morning and I'm watching TV and I saw a commercial for this. It is just so obsurd I just had to laugh. Can you laugh ur A$$ off when you see this, YES YOU CAN.
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    I saw this one the other night...

    uroclub .com
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    I wanna buy a McCain one where instead of the hair growing, it falls out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meadowmufn
    I saw this one the other night...

    uroclub .com
    The UroClub is the discrete, sanitary way for your urgent relief. Created by a Board Certified Urologist, it looks like an ordinary golf club, but contains a reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself. The UroClub is leak proof, easy to clean and no more embarrassing moments.

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