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    Merchant Administrative Center Request
    Google Affiliate Network has been adding some significant features over the last year and we are really taking advantage of them. There is one feature(s) I would like to request.

    We are creating links weekly and passing them to affiliates. We can easily download them and send them sans the affiliate ID. Some reports identify the affiliates with a K number but to activate a link you need the affiliate's 17 digit ID beginning with K. Now I can custom create this but it takes time.

    Is it possible to add the 17 digit number and K number to the affiliate profile. Also, can you link the K number in reports to the affiliate profile and make that a master field on all affiliate specific reports. There is a disconnect between reports and I have to review several reports to get the information I seek.

    Does any other AM or OPM experience the same issue??

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    Great suggestion Chuck and one I will continue to push for. Thanks!

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