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    Hiding Google ads etc for Affiliate Traffic
    There may be occasions when a new merchant wants to retain the revenue from advertising on his site while waiting for affiliate traffic to build up.

    Here is some code that the merchant can put into his site in place of the ads. This allows them to be shown to users that come directly to his site but they are hidden from users that come through an affiliate link.

    PHP Code:
    if (isset ($_COOKIE['AffiliateID'])){
    <img src="affiliatefriendly.jpg">
    <script>adsense javascript </script>
    The value $_COOKIE['AffiliateID'] ie the name of the cookie will vary between networks and in house programs but the code given will work for merchant on the ShareASale network.

    The code can be also be used to hide telephone numbers and any other form of leakage.



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    And as noted elsewhere, make sure that if you use this code that you have a note on the affiliate sign up page that tells affiliates to look at the site after clicking on an affiliate link. The first time an affiliate visits a site to go their pre-sign up checking, the ads will show.
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    I think not just cookie should be checked in your script, but also URL parameters
    (e.g. if visitor comes through affiliate link to your website for the first time, he has no cookie yet.)

    Also in case you use in your affiliate tracking software more affiliate link formats, you should adapt your script to fit them all.
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