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    Advanced settings for the Omakase widget
    is anyone here using Omakase links?
    I would like to enter some keywords for my Omakase widget, but I cannot find the "Advanced settings" link anywhere. Also, there is no "Save" button next to the basic settings for my Omakase widget (although there is a Save button for other widgets, e.g. for the Carousel one).

    Any ideas for why this might be happening?


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    Almost nobody uses Omakase links because most people don't want items unrelated to their site to be shown. And the algorithm includes them automatically with no way to control that. Showing items that the site visitor might be interested in, but that are unrelated to your site, is - in my opinion - a very risky strategy for an affilliate. But I digress ...

    The Omakase link builder on the US site is broken. They lost the advanced settings (I checked and the button is still there on the UK version). There is no save, however and never was (as far I recall). This is not a widget which is saved but is just code generated but not stored by Amazon.

    To get the Advanced Settings back, you'll have to report this as a bug to Amazon, using the Feedback link. You should tell them that it still works on the UK system (where they are called Self Optimising Links). That might help them figure out what they did to it.

    Just so you understand, I don't use them at all, but I have played with them to see how they work.

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