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    Question Noob of the Day
    Hi there,
    I am confused on how the whole set up for the following model could work,
    i have spend almost the whole day reading threads and posts here but still I did not figure it out completely...
    what would you do??
    I am planning to launch and sell a physical product in the $150 range on our website but am not sure which merchant account and CC procession would be recommend for a starter like me without scaring away potencial affiliates (am doing my research since a while for potencial partners/affiliates so i am planning to write an as much as possible customized email to about 500 "suspects" shortly before we are planning to launch)...
    Or would you recommend using share a sale,clickbank,cj etc to do the whole payment processing??
    Am seriously confused, also i dont see exactly why anyone would choose 2co with there high fees etc over that seem to have not that much fees (might be hidden costs though, havent done enough research there)...
    oh yes and i am based in central-europe but the product is mainly targeted for the american market (just to make the whole matter a little more complicated LOL)...

    thanks for reading this


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    >> i am based in central-europe

    Have you determined the shipping cost and import duties?

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    "share a sale,clickbank,cj etc to do the whole payment processing"

    They are affiliate networks - not payment processors (although they process payments to affiliates) For product payments try Global or PayPal as alternatives

    For shipping to american market you might want to consider an american based partner to ship the product (or fullfilment house) That will cut down individual shipping costs as well as aid credibility issues.

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    thank you guys for your input,
    yes we will be most likely using to do our shipment/packaging,dvd/cd pressing and booklet printing...
    yes i wanted to use paypal in the beginning but going thru the threads here i have got the impression that affiliates might be scared away if i use them... (is this true??)
    also i am a little concerned about the conversion i heard using only paypal can hurt the conversion badly...
    am i misinformed?? please enlighten...

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