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    Change of tactics, help needed
    Hello all,

    I'd like to introduce myself first and foremost. I am from California and my occupation is construction/online merchant (structural concrete sub-contractor as well as business partner with a friend in an online merchant business). I have been lurking on this forum and some others, reading threads for a couple of weeks now, and I am quite impressed seeing all the good information regarding different topics involving marketing etc.

    I have a few questions of my own. Just to clarify, I am in no way advertising anything now. I will pay for ad space in the near future. We are currently running product offers on affiliate networks that I will not mention, and, I feel that we are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to legitimate leads and service.

    We get a lot of fraudulent leads. I have implemented a very strong back end with scrubs which are to expose cc fraud as well as some other types of fraud caused by members of the affiliate community so that we may weed out those illegitimate affiliates running our offers. I, in no way have lost faith in the power of affiliate marketing and I do believe that there are many great affiliates out there so here is my cry out to affiliates directly. I value all insight and consider all opinions.

    To give you an idea of where we stand now, I will give you the reasons for this thread. We are marketing via the above stated methods, we run our offers on 2 networks, one can't get us enough leads (But the ones we get are legit) and the other sends us more leads that get scrubbed and turn out the cc was stolen/lost or pre-loaded when we come to re-bill. Both are reputable companies.

    The last straw was when we decided to pay $45.00 USD per lead, being lead to believe it would be offered to affiliates at $35.00 USD-$37.00 USD, we found out that it is being offered to affiliates at $20.00 USD per lead, no wonder why we couldn't get good affiliates to pick up our campaigns, (there are many offers out there which are very similar to our own and get an enormous ROI and the template pages are all the same, just graphics and some wording is different) which does no good to either myself nor the affiliates.

    So this got me to think that maybe I should consider getting my own network going and partnering up directly with affiliates cutting out the middle man. Makes sense. I can offer more as well, being my budget is $45.00 USD I am paying at the moment, I can get most of it directly to the affiliate sending me the legitimate leads I am looking for.

    My thinking is to ask affiliates their insight regarding what you like to see in a network. How you feel comfortable working and I can base my service on that. I know I cannot keep all happy, but I will do my best to accommodate all to my abilities. I have learned in my main line of work which got me started in this that if someone works with you and is happy itís an equation for a profitable business relationship.

    To start researched and I have seen a many affiliate network software providers on the market, I don't know which to use, if you know anything about this type of software I would appreciate an insight on which is superior and why.

    I am also wondering if many of these networks are using licensed software or are the tracking software which they use custom made by programmers they have hired.

    We (my partner and I) are going to Affiliate Summit in NY this year and the next Ad:Tech convention to get a better feel of the requirements of networks and affiliates.

    Hopefully I will run into some of you who participate on this forum.

    Thank you;
    Best Regards

    P.S. You may see this topic on other forums as well. As I am trying to get insight from as many individuals as I can.
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    jacked by sylon
    Well, the first thing you need to do is take an English Class and learn how to use paragraphs when you write.

    Is English your second or third language? It can't be your first after seeing your post above.

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    Burger, actually, English is my second language. My grammar is fine but I see your point in that I should have paragraphed the thread.

    I have contacted admin since it has been past my 30 min. limit to edit. As soon as it is possible I will make the changes to make it more reader friendly.


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    Hope the changes make it easier to read and didn't break the flow in the wrong places

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    Thank you Chris,
    It's much better now.
    I appreciate the prompt response.

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