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    are there any free networks for merchants?
    Are there affiliate networks that work only on commission? Networks like CJ charge $3k and shareasale charges $550 just to join. And then they have deposits, etc. It takes a lot for a small business to recoup those charges.

    We are a new business selling items in the $50 range and with costs like that, it makes it difficult to join. We'd rather pay a higher commission initially than to pay a high fixed cost.

    Are there any free or low cost networks that merchants can join to test these programs out?

    One of the lower cost ones I found is Affiliate Future. Any others I should consider?

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    $550 is about as "low cost" as it gets. If you can't swing that, your best bet is to do the Ebay thing.
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    Did you end up joining a network? which one if so? How's it going?

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    Try getting on Amazon/eBay then.. not really an affiliate program but same concept. I think the montly is liek $20-50

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