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    Looking for a Collectioin of Web Icons
    I am looking for a collection of small (20x20), professional looking transparent web type icons. Something that includes like shopping related pictures. Either free or for purchase. Have you bought something like that recently?

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    Have a look at istockphoto .com they sell Groups of matching icons on thei site.

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    Am not sure what size these are or if they're transparent but they're reaaaaaallly nice. I have a link for others somewhere, too that I'll try to find for ya if ya still end up needing some.

    nice icons

    Price is very nice, too. Free
    Actually one of my affiliate managers includes all kinds of goodies like this in his newsletter each week. Let me know if none of em are what you're lookin for and I'll try to find the others. Am an extremely organized person but for some reason not on the computer so am in process of organizing things. So......sooner or later I'll find em. lol I know they're there somewhere just ummm probably all saved in an images folder so I don't know which is which.

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    I like the famfamfam silk icons:

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