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    Who Will Attend AB178 Hearing Monday? (not me) (Amazon Tax, CA)
    I have decided that I will not incur the cost (in time and money) to attend the California Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee hearing on Monday, April 27, at which the committee is scheduled to consider AB 178 (the "Amazon Tax" bill). I simply cannot justify wasting a full day on this, because I don't perceive any likely influence that my physical presence would have on the outcome.

    Which leaves the question: Who will be present at the hearing? I'm sure that the supporters will present testimony by one or more Sacramento-area booksellers who blame Amazon's failure to collect sales taxes for their business decline.

    If someone is hoping to coordinate speakers opposing the bill, it would make sense to identify that effort here, so folks who do wish to attend the hearing can participate and avoid wasting time on duplicate messages while missing some key points.

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    Rule #1 when it comes to letting a measure come to a vote.

    Know the outcome!

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