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    Signature Reports
    Can someone explain what exactly the signature report shows? The explanation in the interface isn't very clear. Is it showing orders and returns in actual real time as they happen?

    I ask because I have one merchant that shows up with 0 sales for this month going through the old interface and checking both sales and individual item reports, yet when I check signature reports, there's a ton of activity. The only problem is, this merchant seems to have reversed every single order. It's a small amount of money because the orders are small, but I don't understand all the reversals and why none of the orders show up at all in the other reports.

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    Maybe this thread might help?
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    Thanks Rhia. I think that thread just confused me, but I've almost given up trying to figure out Linkshare reporting anyway. The numbers are different from old to new interface so I never know how much I've actually earned and the direct deposit is always a nice surprise. Maybe I'll just keep going under that premise.

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