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    Which referrer do I pay?
    A big sale was referred to us by one of the affiliates at the affiliate network. However, we were not able to locate any value at the SSID parameter. The HTTP referrer was Google search page. I understand, that the customer has been referred to us by both Google and the network affiliate. However, Google link was the last one customer clicked on. We decided to pay both referrers for the same sale. Would you void the network affiliate's transaction?
    Thank you in advance!

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    You paid both affiliates?

    You should have something set up where the last referer is the one who gets the commission. (in a clean program, this works best)

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    I'm guessing, but it sounds like the sale is from a paid search affiliate and is advertising on google adwords. If that is the case, the referrer you will see is As long as your affiliate program terms allow search engine marketing affiliates, you should pay the commission. If you do not allow paid search affiliates, you need to check with your network about the source of this afiliates traffic.
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