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    Trademarks in URL (Not domain itself)
    Hello everyone,

    As a new affiliate (even though I'm not new to the internet industry at all), I'd like to ask a basic legal question.
    Is that allowed to use trademarks in review sites?

    For instance I have a Digital camera review site, I'm using the name of brand + the name of the product in the URL + in the Title, H1, description etc etc..

    Is there any problem with it?

    When I started to build my site I asked a few people and they all said that it's not a problem, now when I want to join CJ, I see this in the Code of conduct:

    "Publishers may not use any advertiser trademarks, service marks, branded terms, URL, etc"

    As an example the URL might be something like


    I'd like to add affiliate links (from that page) to some online stores that offer this product.

    Is that a problem?

    Thanks very much for your help!

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    The second part of the "Publishers may not use" paragraph reads:
    "unless the rights-holder has given specific permission for publishers to do so."

    So that's where you read the specific TOS of the merchant to see what they allow.

    My experience is that most merchants allow what you are talking about.
    For example, look at most coupon sites, they use directories like (/merchantname).

    I have seen some very restrictive or odd TOS for some merchants though, so you should always check out the TOS
    for each one or send them an email if you are unsure.

    Also, it's usually not a good idea to copy metatags, titles, or any other content from either a merchant or manufacturer site.

    [not legal advice, just my opinion]

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    Mike26, generally they restrict the use of the trademark in PPC ads and the display URL. I have always allowed the trademark in a page URL or subdomain. The safest thing you can do is ask before you devote time and talent.

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