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    Conde Nast closing "Portfolio"
    While not specifically affiliate-related news, this is pretty big news in the world of business publications:

    I've seen many print mags get into the affiliate game on their own sites, but it might be a case of too little, too late.. plus affiliate income may never rival the revenue they were earning on print ads.

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    Print publications are all in peril. The overall slide in print readership (which means a reduced advertising 'base'), combined with the devastating cutbacks in ad budgets due to the 'recession,' is likely to put 40% to 50% of all existing print publications out of business within 2-3 years. Even industry-trade publications seem more vulnerable than in past business cycles.

    But I'm not sure that the overall economy is the main issue with Conde Nast Portfolio; the majority of new magazines, even those launched by major publishing companies, fail within the first year or two; CN Portfolio launched with great fanfare in April 2007 (the ABC article notes that business-magazine ad revenues had already dropped precipitously in 2006). At launch, CN Portfolio offered ultra-low introductory subscription rates -- which might also have drawn the "wrong" audience.

    (Note: at the top of the Conde Nast Portfolio web site, right now, there is currently a message: "Subscribe and get a FREE gift!")

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    ALL print media is in trouble, magazines,newspapers. To survive it is going to take re-thinks like presence on internet which most have started but only pay lip service too. (want to buy stock in NY Times?) This started back with television, but print was able to go into more depth. Now internet is not only faster, but allows for even more depth and comments.

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