Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

* 15% commission
* Commission duration 30 Days
* BYOL available sells toll tag holders with Officially Licensed MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA and NASCAR team logos that attach the electronic tolling transponder, the toll tag, to the inside of your car's windshield. The team logos show through the windshield to the outside of your car.

The largest electronic tolling authority is E-ZPass in the Northeast part of the country from Illinois to Maine to Virginia with the exception of Vermont and Connecticut. There are over 18 million drivers using E-ZPass transponders in the E-ZPass states alone and it is said that about 20% don't attach the transponders to the windshield because they don't like the way it looks in their windshield. Electronic tolling is also used in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and California. Other groups of people that would use the product are people who use transponders to get into gated communities and parking garages.

The product should sell well to people in states with electronic tolling who are also sports fans or care about the way their car looks or just don't like that blank white spot in the middle of their car's windshield. While we are planning on concentrating on sports fans in the near term we are putting together plans to expand into other non-sports categories. We like to think we are making tolling and driving a little bit more fun while making our highways a little more beautiful one car windshield at a time!


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