ok, this is definitely a new one with me.
Have about half of my images showing and about same not showing. So, I came to SAS to see how images looked on make a page. (cos sometimes same thing happening and I'd at least know not somehow problem with my site)

Ummm there aren't any. As in there isn't the option for them in the drop down menu to choose and under their links there are no product links either, so a person wouldn't be able to make the links.

Have never heard of a merchant having product links and then not having them?? The reverse....lottsa times but not having then not having.

Umm honest, I didn't make these links up lol they were at one time there but for some reason now about half are not. Which......umm if there isn't option in make a page to make the links, how are half that are there showing if they don't exist??

So....ok, where'd they go? Does anybody have any contact info for an affiliate manager? Went and looked and last email I could find was in 11/08 saying they were under new management. I'll behave myself and not comment on kinda job they're doin if I don't have any emails more recenlty than 11/08.

If this was a category I had some other nice merchant for I'd just laugh but only discovered this cos I had to remove another merchant. Have a nice page now that used to convert (merchant no longer with program) so down to 3 others with about half the images not showing for just one.