Hi Guys,

I am very new to this but wish to become an affiliate (have domain names registered but thats about all so far).

There is an affiliate forum in Amsterdam THIS weekend. It will be a real pain for me to be abble to get there and I would hate to pull out all the stops to then find it not worthwile.

Does anyone know about this conference and what happens there and if it is worth attending? It seems to me that as a newbie it would be perfect to have everyone together so that I could talk to as many people as possible and get some contacts, work out what affiliate networks I should be looking at, getting tips, etc etc.

But as far as I know it could be a complete waste of time and not of any use to a beginner like me. Perhaps its just an excuse for an industry p*ss up (which is no bad thing! but I wouldn't be killing myself to get over there for something that would not give me a real head start in this business).

However, if it is something tat is really worthwhile then I should do my best to juggle things so that I can attend, if ndeed its not already too late for flights, etc.

So, anyhow, I would really apprieciate any advice/recommendations/previous experience of these events and your view on whether it is worth the considerable hassle it would require for me to attend.

Cheers for you help guys!!

Stuart Ray