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    If I am an affiliate of some merchant program, and someone signs up as an affiliate under me, is there any way that I would know that I now have a new subaffiliate-do merchants provide any information as to how many subaffiliates someone has?

    If I earn commissions resulting from sales by subaffiliates, are those commissions usually separately itemized from say commissions I would earn from visitors from my affiliate links that made purchases from a merchant?

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    Cognigen offers all of that.

    I currently have 854 sub-affiliates.
    It has been my experience that sub-affiliates, in general, don't do %^&#.

    imho, a merchant is better served by offering a single tier program with a higher commission.

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    usually, your subaffiliates are shown to you in your stats. Then, you know how many subaffiliates you have, and how much they are selling, and how much you earn from them.

    with regard to your second part of the question: usually, they are separated items, but I think that it depends on the merchant. All the merchants I work with have it as a separate item.

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    Yep ...

    Depends greatly on the merchant and there program, some programs go as far as to revell your subs email address (if your subs approve of this) ...

    Which allows you to send email and support them a bit better ...

    On the other hand some programs will only tell you how many you have and the total income produced by your sub affiliates.

    A tip ...

    If you just getting started don't even *think* about sub affiliate income... while I do make "some" money from that nearly all of my income comes from my personal sales.

    It takes lots of hard work to "land" a productive affiliate that actually works any program...

    My first year "serious" 12 months of aff marketing I did not even really worry about second tier stuff and just worked on site after site ...

    Good luck!

    Brian Johnson (Chef Brian)
    Seek and you shall find | My Affiliate Programs

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