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    EPN kicks sub-affiliate networks to the curb
    EPN limits business models that may participate in network

    Very interesting blog post, looks like they've realized those sub-affiliate cpa networks weren't the way to go...

    Unfortunately this will hurt some good affiliates since they may not have the program opened for their home country.
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    Found this additional info on the epn forum that clarifies a bit...

    First, I'd like to clarify the business model definition as a few of the affiliates mentioned are not subaffiliates. Specifically, Big Crumbs, Kick it Back, and OneCause are considered Loyalty/Incentive models so those firms and similar companies are not directly affected by this change.

    Regarding Pepperjam and AuctionAds, we will continue to work with them as we have developed processes to cooperate closely on registration vetting and network quality. We do plan to continue to work with a very small number of these affiliates going forward, but these are definitely exceptional cases as there is a lot of work required to make these models work well both for us as well as for the affiliates themselves. Thus, we’ll be working to wind down any remaining affiliates with sub-affiliate models with whom we don’t have a managed relationship and/or a special contract, and we won't be accepting any more of these in the future.

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    When I first glanced at the "new rules" I though .."Great, now maybe some of the crooks will be gone".
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    Quote Originally Posted by baygrafix
    When I first glanced at the "new rules" I though .."Great, now maybe some of the crooks will be gone".
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    Yeah, well, we can dream, can't we?
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