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    Understanding PopShop Plan Options & Vocabulary

    Okay, I'm still weighing options and really need a vocabulary lesson to better figure out what I want to do. Will you help to define these words for me in basic newbie English so I'll understand what I'm writing about?

    1) What does the word dynamically mean in this phrase: Dynamically keep your content and affiliate links up-to date across all affiliate networks mean?

    2) What exactly is a widget, as in the phrase, Access Wordpress, Typepad and Blogger widgets.

    3) Will people be able to find my site in the search engines if some links are in html and others are in Javascript?

    4) What is the difference between HTML and Javascript?

    5) What is PHP, as in the phrase, "SEO-friendly PHP to your storefront."

    6) What is SEO rules and CSS, as in the phrase, "Create SEO rules to enhance product descriptons" and Create your custom CSS for storefronts."

    7) What are BETA folders?

    8) What are RSS and XML feeds, as in the phrase, "Hand-pick products for RSS and XML feeds."

    I hope this will help other newbies like me who are just beginning to understand all of the different terminology/vocabulary. By the way, if this post belongs in a different/better area, feel free to move it, just let me know where, so that I can find it!

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    I will create a better FAQ on the subject and link to it. I'll try to have that in a day or two.

    Jessie Jones
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    Re: Understanding PopShop Plan Options & Vocabulary

    Thanks so much, that would be great.

    Jesse, another thought too--I was wondering if one of the options for borders, once we pop everything into our pages could be a very thin blue and/or gray one? I like the option with fewer words and then click to continue reading, but wish the border was much thinner-as thin as possible--with either gray or blue as a choice.

    Not sure if that's doable, but thought I'd ask.

    Thanks so much for your response.
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