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    Reapplying to merchants
    Over the years I have been rejected by some merchants on Performics, and I can't help but think it is because of the "one site listed" factor; my listed site is not even remotely relevant to some merchant's offerings.

    Why is there no way to reapply? Once rejected, an affiliate seems to be "locked out" from any further consideration.
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    you must try to contact the merchant for reconsideration and if they are amenable they must re-set you in the GAN interface somewhere. then you can re-apply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidh
    Why is there no way to reapply? Once rejected, an affiliate seems to be "locked out" from any further consideration.
    It does seem a little short sighted by merchant/GAN. I check the rejected list on occasion jut to remind me of who to not purchase from. Also it appears that several of the folks who rejected me have either closed their program or ceased their business altogether. I am still here .....They are not..
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    This is a short coming of the GAN system but am now seeing affiliates sign-up with multiple accounts. Make sure you use a branded domain in your email as a yahoo or gmail address will most likely get rejected. You can use Gmail to manage vanity email addresses so they aggregate in one account.

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    I've seen a few affiliates list multiple sites in the publisher site description area of their profiles. This seems to be the best option until GAN provides a specific area to list multiple sites. If you get rejected by a merchant, contact the program manager directly.
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    Thanks for the discussion. I've had the same problem of getting denied by some merchants years ago. I'd like to reapply and now know that i need to contact the affiliate manager directly for re-consideration.

    Thanks again!

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