So this morning I had the task of updating all my to CJ from link share in mysql, its a fairly simple update statement (backup you table/database before hand, and double check the linkshare/cj paths, that is what I've used from the datafeeds):
update URLTABLE 
set URLFIELD = replace(URLFIELD, 
** the *** text should be jdoqocy DOT com, looks like the forum blocks that, but this is not a working affiliate link... also note that all slashes / need to be escaped with a \ before the / = \/ (this replace may only work if you are using product/datafeed links.

Well doing it I realized/remembered that a majority of my 100,000's of links are using my self run url shorting/jump script based on That was quite a happy relization, now rather than having to update links in 20 plus deal post tables I only needed to udate it in the one lilurl table! Another reason why using your own url shorting/jump script with its own database is good....