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    April 22nd, 2009
    Right Approach?
    Hi there,
    thanks for opening my thread...

    In about 3 weeks we will lauch our very first psysical product
    and still a few aspects aren't completely clear to us, yet...

    Shortly before the lauch we are planning to write up quite a few potencial affiliates that might be not all very familiar with affiliate marketing...

    As well we have identified some super affiliates in similar niches that might have certain preferences regarding affiliate programs/procedures...

    here is the plan please comment if there is anything uncool for affiliates:

    -we are planning to open up accounts with CJ,SAS,Clickbank and Linkshare

    -we send out individual mails to the affiliates giving them the option to choose their favourite aff. network...

    -we will use paypal

    will this model sound attractive to affiliates?

    thank you

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    Opening on that many networks could lead to a lot of tracking headaches

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReneeM
    Opening on that many networks could lead to a lot of tracking headaches
    Not to mention a lot of unnecessary costs. Starting out, just pick one network. People here seem to recommend SAS for small companies and beginning affiliate programs.

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    The product isn't for sale yet and you're going after super affiliates? Affiliates like to know if your product sells. They want to know how well the site converts. If you want to blow your first, and maybe only, chance to impress them recruit for a product/site that has no track record. You "may" get them interested but if you can't close the sale you'll lose them. Make sure your product sells and your site converts before asking affiliates to join you. I agree, all those networks is overkill and will add greatly to your work load.
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    Toni, as everyone has said, running on multiple networks usually isn't a good idea. For a new program it could mean death. Pick a network based on how well you feel they will work with your program after seeing what each network has to offer. Or better yet, use the money you would have used for multiple networks and hire an OPM for some guidance. They can help you get off to a good start and their experience can make your decision making process a lot easier. In addition to helping with your choice of network they can help with recruiting, setting policies and drafting a TOS, setting the right commission and bonus levels, etc.

    Or you could skip the OPM also and offer higher commissions (j/k). Whichever you do, don't throw money away on multiple networks.

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    thank you very much for your help...
    i will decide on 1 affiliate program to start with...
    i think SAS seems to suit us best and has received very good feedback from affiliates (have to do some more research)...
    and greg yes before we launch we were planning on running an adsense campaign to test the conversion of our opt-in and sales page...
    and rematt i will think about the OPM thank you...
    any more suggestions to help us getting started right?

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