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Thread: Interspire relaunch on ShareASale

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    Interspire relaunch on ShareASale
    Interspire is live again now on ShareASale. To join, please go to: and Interspire

    Please note that there is also an in-house program using the iDev software. The programs are now both the same, and I will keep them that way (to the extent humanly possible). They both pay 15%, which is doubled to 30% for the first 90 days for new activations. Tracking is on for both systems full time. So, no commissions will be lost, though, of course, double commissions will not be paid. You can't be a member of both programs.

    It is on autodeposit, and the low-balance triggering threshold was raised signifcantly to prevent going offline even though potential commissions can be high.

    I have worked hard to correct everything and upload all new graphics. The (very) old stuff is being left up temporarily so as not to break existing links, graphics, etc.

    For additional general descriptions of the programs, please see these posts below.

    This actually describes the in-house program, but the numbers are the same:

    There is additional information at:

    The most recent newsletter (from the in-house program) is at:

    Thank you for your consideration.
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