Feliz Cinco de Mayo Team,

We wanted to share some fun with our affiliate partners! To show our appreciation we are going to make your Cinco de Mayo Celebration a little more festive with a special bonus offer...

Cinco de Mayo Bonus:

Duration: 5/5/09-5/6/09 from 5pm-5pm
Offer: $5.00 bonus for every sale made!

In the following 5 ShareASale merchant programs:


In order to get your $5 per sale you need to monitor your sales from 5 pm to 5 pm on 5/5/09-5/6/09. Once you monitor your sales please send us an email this week to stephanie@andyrodriguez.com with the total amount of sales you have generated. We will verify your account and credit your ShareASale account accordingly. We hope you have a fun and safe time celebrating!