I posted on another thread and RhondaMoran responded as follows, which was really helpful (see below in blue).

I'm hoping that Rhonda or anyone else might chime in and tell me which paid option in PopShops I should use to create something like this and answer a few more questions for me:

1) Catagories

If I were to have catagories for my site such as and sub catagories such these, for instance and didn't worry about people's shoe sizes. Would I be able to do this in PopShops with one of the paid plans? Can someone recommend which one? I'm trying, as a real newbie to understand all of the terminology and I've been in a long learning curve.


Dressy/Evening Shoes
Everyday Shoes

Business/Dress Shoes
Casual Shoes

Athletic Shoes
School Shoes
Dressy/Special Occassion Shoes

Ideally, I'd love to be able to further catagorze everything by size or width, but that doesn't seem doable.

I've got quite a few merchants that I'm already working with via CJ, Google and Linkshare and I know of specific shoe brands that come in the widths that people could search for with a search box, which I noticed was an option that I could add with one of the paid options.

2) How-to Instructions?

Also, when you sign up for the paid options are you given instructions on how to set everything up?

3) How many pages do I need?

How many actual web many actual web pages do I need to set up also? On my current site, where I'm only using the free basic PopShops on some of my pages, I have 17 pages of shoes offerings and about 5 pages of other "stuff,"
i.e., about us, faq, take our survey, contact us.

[COLOR=Blue]Here's Rhonda's Reply:

[COLOR=Blue]Here is my attempt to helping you.

What I would do if I were building a site like yours is this:

I would create a page with a popshop store called Mens Shoes, then one called Women's shoes, then Kids Shoes.

Under these I would create pages and shops called tennis shoes, dress shoes, walking shoes, therapy shoes, etc for each main category, mens, womens, kids, etc.

THEN under each second category I would create another page and shop with each size, 9W, 9AA, 9WW, 5baby small (that is my size), etc.

Then to wrap it all up and make it look like one store that functions right I would create side bar widgets or links that say mens, womens, kids, then under each of those MAIN categories have the subcategories and when the visitor clicked on the sublink, it would take them to a page with links for the sizes.

I am sure you could figure out a dropdown and I know there are javascripts out there that would do it for you but search engines don't follow java so that screws you so to speak. Here is what it would look like:

Mens Shoes
*Tennis Shoes
*Dress Shoes
*Walking Shoes

Womens Shoes
*Tennis Shoes
*Running Shoes
*Other Shoes

Kids Shoes
*Tennis Shoes
*Dress Shoes
*Play Shoes ?

Then when someone clicked on any of those things in that list they would be taken to a page that has the following:

(Breadcrumbs) Store Home | Mens Shoes | Tennis Shoes

Please Pick your Size:
Wide: 9, 10, 11, 12
Extra Wide: 9, 10, 11, 12
Narrow: 9, 10, 11, 12

Each of the numbers would be linked to a shop that you have created in popshops that only has that group in it. Wide 9 would only be 9 wides. Wide 10 would only be 10 wides, etc. you get the picture.

Lots of work and LOTS of pages and shops but it's clear, loads super fast and is bookmarkable for the person with size 5 1/2 women's who can never find shoes she likes so she buys kids size 3. If you fill my need I will bookmark you and come back to buy.

Thanks in advance for your help!