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    As we say here SO often, the "Temporarily Offline" status for too many SAS merchants remains a monumental problem, and as far as I can see from my end, not a lot is changing.

    One thing I'd like to see -- and it may not be too difficult to implement -- is to place the exact time/date that the merchant goes off at every position in the control panel where they are listed. So for example, if we click "Get A Link/Banner" or "Merchant Status", then right beneath the red "Temporarily Offline" would be something like "as of 5:03pm 05/01/09".

    For those of us who are starting to see more & more red in our merchant listings, it would help keep things in perspective -- that is to say, who is just now going off, and who's been off for way too long.

    Plus, if these merchants know that they will look pretty bad if more than one day goes by, maybe it will inspire a few of them to get on the ball. Speaking for myself, it's getting tiresome.


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    Look in the merchant details and click on Program Uptime History. You can see how often they go offline and how long they stayed offline.

    It seems like not many of the new merchants are signing up for auto deposit. I think it would be a good idea for SAS to make a note to merchants upon signing up that many affiliates will not join the program unless they provide auto deposit.

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    SAS merchants offline.

    So what's new?

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    I do realize that if I drill down in the merchant details that info is available. But what I'd like to see is everything viewable in a single glance on a single page (or multiple pages, depending on the number of merchants), one stacked on top the other. Plus, as I said, the easier that SAS makes it for the affiliates to see this offline status date & time, the more unreliable it makes those merchants look, so it's a kind of "stick" that perhaps would wake some of them up.

    Or maybe not -- maybe they just don't care.


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