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Thread: Purple Hoot, live on Open to UK & US traffic!

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    Purple Hoot, live on Open to UK & US traffic!
    Hello Everyone;

    You are probably wondering what is Purple Hoot? Purple Hoot offers the World’s first real eCards. Their eCards open like a real card and come in an envelope! These eCards are perfect for Mother’s Day (right around the corner), Father’s Day, birthdays, Thank you and all occasions. You can create your own unique front cover by uploading a photo. Purple Hoot offers the most innovative, creative and appealing greeting cards on the web. This would be an ideal offer for Affiliates with retail, coupons, anniversary, and social networking sites.

    Offer Details

    Payout: Get active today and earn $3 on every free trial sign up from now until June 4th ($2 after 06/04). Earn an additional $4 on any Premium Memberships.
    Cookie Length: 30 days
    Methods of Promotion: Banners, Text and email, **No PPC traffic.
    Countries Allowed: Open to US and UK Traffic.

    How to sign up

    You can start cashing in by clicking on this LINK to sign up for the network. Already a partner? Simply log into your account and join today!

    Thank you for your continued support.

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    hmmm, did somebody say PURPLE??
    Spotted this earlier, already joined and cos it's purple got links on my site and will upload day's editing later tonight.

    Thanks for havin some of the purply

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    Hi Purplebear,

    I did think about you as soon as hearing this merchant for the very first time. Now, every time when I hear "purple", I think of you

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    hee, hee
    Actually you're how I knew about it. Popped in at twitter and saw your tweet about it.

    My little great nieces and nephews (hmm, some not quite so little anymore lol ) since they were little enough to talk think they referred to me as purple before Aunt Kathy They're all so cute teasin me bout purple and the bears. Anytime they're anywhere shopping with their Mom and see anything purple or a bear, they wanna get it for me. lol

    psssst. cute little story. Few years back they made me placemats. Were blue material supposed to be the water and had fishies they painted on it (we have tropical fish) and a scuba diver. It was a purple bear

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    That is a cute story - and explains the ABW name

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplebear
    hmmm, did somebody say PURPLE??
    When I saw Purple, I thought of you purplebear. -

    Jimmy McDonald - Your Local Hard Working RemodelingGuy ( & SprinklerGuy - & GarageGuy ) .... .... ....
    We're Bettering YOUR Life by Improving Where YOU Live It ...
    Do What You LOVE & LOVE What You Do! ....

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