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    Datafeed & Product Restrictions on a Site for NY Residents?
    I looked all over for the NY Affiliates Subforum -- I have a feeling it has been combined with other topics and I am not sure where to put this post.
    Anyway, I am a NY resident and I was thinking about affiliating with ReStockIt now that it has an affiliate program on CJ. A Mod may place this post wherever it may fit best.

    I don't understand rule #2. Does that mean I couldn't use the CJ search function to select specific product links with pictures of the products to place on a web page? The rule doesn't make much sense to me.
    I won't join an affiliate program unless I can write descriptions about a specific product with an accompanying specific product link on a web page.
    Since you are a NY resident and you are an affiliate of one of the websites under ReStockIt,Inc., you must follow the following rules in order to remain an affiliate of ReStockIt,Inc and all company websites:

    1. To earn commissions on sales, you can only market ReStockIt,Inc. websites through a link on your website from either a banner or text provided by ReStockIt,Inc.

    2. You may not apply our datafeeds which include products and product descriptions on your website.

    3. Other than #1, you may not solicit any ReStockIt,Inc. company in any way in the state of New York.
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    Rhia7, I think what you do is fine. But of course contact them and give them details to get a formal approval via email prior to doing anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knight01
    Rhia7, I think what you do is fine. But of course contact them and give them details to get a formal approval via email prior to doing anything.
    Thanks for the encouragement. I have a site that's not up yet and that could promote their products.
    I don't know how to use datafeed [or if I downloaded it I would "hunt & peck" for specific products anyway].
    Maybe they don't want a mass conglomerate of all their products from a NY resident? I wouldn't do that anyway.
    I would just feature a few at a time on a page.
    I really don't understand #2.
    Frankly, once someone has created a website that site is not bound by geographic boundaries.

    I'm going to put them on hold -- why stress it out right now? I think twice about a merchant with ridiculous terms.

    The product results that appear in a CJ product search are taken from the datafeed [I believe] -- so their rule #2 seems to suggest that they discourage the use of the CJ product search?

    >>>>"You may not apply our datafeeds which include products and product descriptions on your website."<<<<<<
    If I use the CJ product search and I pick out one or more product[s] I am in effect applying part of their datafeed onto my website. Sometimes I change descriptions, other times I keep the default descriptions. Rule #2 seems to forbid any use of their datafeed.

    And I don't put fliers on automobile windshields or leave brochures at atm machines.

    All my "publicity" is word of mouth online & organic SEO.
    The targeting of NY residents is silly.
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    I must disagree with knight: I think that these rules prohibit any use of a datafeed; from the plain text of the rules, you can only display banner or text links -- apparently excluding even simple text links to individual products using the datafeed.

    I assume that the intent here is to allow only "traditional advertising" placements, and someone may have decided that integrating product information is "more than" traditional advertising and thus might be viewed as "solicitation" by the New York taxing agency. Obviously, the intent is to prevent New York's "Amazon tax" from applying to the merchant, which doesn't want to deal with computing, collecting, reporting, and remitting New York sales tax.

    You should definitely get a clarification from the merchant -- in writing.

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    Mark, my interpretation was similar and I thank you for your detailed analysis.

    Rule #2 really baffles me as an affiliate:
    You may not apply our datafeeds which include products and product descriptions on your website.
    At first glance one might think that quantity is being discouraged: i.e. don't use datafeeds [datafeeds usually contain information in bulk quantities] but the rule goes a step further by forbidding products and product descriptions on a/my website -- this rule seems to apply to any NY State resident.

    I am only interested in ReStockIt if I can focus on a few specific products. In order to create a focus that will succeed in selling products, I need to use product images in links, descriptions and text.

    It's past my bedtime at the moment [don't tell any family members -- I still get in trouble with my parents ] but maybe it would be interesting to pursue this with an e-mail.

    I did get a preliminary e-mail:
    May 2009 Affiliate Newsletter
    Are you ready to make money with your eyes closed?*
    *JOIN RESTOCKIT'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM* and let us do the work for you!
    You need to know what sells.
    We inform you of the top-selling products of the past week.
    You need to know which banner and text links work.
    We inform you of the banners and text links with high weekly conversion rates.
    You need to know how to make Search Engine Marketing work for you.
    We provide you with a current list of keywords with the most searches on <“”>
    You need specific coupons for your site.
    We provide coupons specifically for your website upon request.
    You need to make MORE MONEY!
    We promote an affiliate contest every month with reward prizes between $10 and $75.
    *AND HERE’S A SECRET:* Our Top Affiliates Make an Average of $100 a WEEK!!!
    Top 5 Reasons Why ReStockIt is the Best Program For You:
    5. offers 7% commissions and the average order size is $150.
    4. ReStockIt rewards its Top Performers with special promotions and incentives.
    3. ReStockIt coaches you and gives you best selling practices on selling our
    2. ReStockIt communicates with you regularly and is easily accessible by phone
    and email.
    AND THE # 1 REASON IS……………....................... ReStockIt Most Recent
    Sales Are From Items You Sell
    Best........................................................ *RESTAURANT AND
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
    I look forward to working with you. Your success is truly our success.
    Contact Information
    *Kesha Roberts*
    Affiliate Manager / <> /
    (954)967-1150 ext 222 / AIM: manageZ3
    The above e-mail was addressed to me with my full legal name but apparently the affiliate manager didn't check to see my state of residence prior to sending me the above e-mail/newsletter.
    Should I e-mail Ms. Roberts with my questions about the program in relation to the fact that I am a NY State resident? If I can't select products from the program's datafeed either through a direct download or in my case I would use CJ's product search interface (which I happen to like very much) -- if I can't do that, there's not much of a point in joining the program as an affiliate.

    CJ includes a fine print note at the bottom:
    This message was sent by an advertiser in the Commission Junction network based
    on the mail settings selected in your account.
    If the message was sent based upon my account information, perhaps CJ should withhold such newsletters if they are not applicable to NY State residents.
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    yup, CJ or somebody goofed:

    [font='Tahoma','sans-serif']I apologize for any confusion. Unfortunately, we are not accepting NY Applications at this time. Please discard the recruiting email.[/font]

    [font='Tahoma','sans-serif'] [/font]


    [font='Tahoma','sans-serif'] [/font]

    [font='Tahoma','sans-serif']Kesha Roberts[/font]


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