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    Click bank wooah.
    So I have never been a big fan of clickbank......hmm wonder why. But I think I am going to be changing my mind oh my gosh.....What do you think...has click bank ever been good to you? Do they pay on time. Of course I am NOT selling a ebook, those are a dime a dozen and all the same. Any thoughts out there my ears are open?

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    Do a search for Clickbank on this forum. There are many threads about them. Then make up your own mind

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    The very nature of clickbank does attract hucksters for the most part, but it has its utility to some types of vendors who are on the level. For example, those who sell guitar lesson subscriptions have found that clickbank is the way to go.
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    This thread has a lot of input from forum members on the subject of ClickBank:

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