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    What is CPA?
    What is CPA?

    CPA or Cost Per Action is an online business model, which pays
    out for every action completed by the consumer. Advertisers will
    pay YOU when a consumer gives his email, zip code, opts in for a
    free trial, or supplies relevant information pertaining to their
    CPA is one of the most popular methods of making money online
    through your website, blogs, or newsletters.
    This strategy is a bit different from the Adsense program where
    one is paid when a visitor clicks on an advertisement. CPA often
    requires specific action.
    As you will discover while learning the ins and outs of CPA
    campaigns, the more actions required from a user typically
    equates to a higher potential to earn.
    For example, you may be paid $1.00 for every email address
    compiled from visitors to your website signing up for a free
    report, while you could earn $50 or more from the same person
    purchasing a product or subscription.

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    And that is what you call a Spam.

    Affiliate Marketing Business Issues > What is CPA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Ewe
    And that is what you call a Spam.
    actually, we're waiting for the other shoe . . .

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    bumpaw, no worries - this is a common question. CPA means Cost Per Action, and you're right, selling through the main affiliate networks is on a CPA basis. But "CPA network" is a term used differently, by different people (sometimes to intentionally make it confusing) to describe what is really a subaffiliate network.

    A CPA Network has affiliates signed up within their system. Those affiliates and the CPA network itself, link to a larger network (like CJ) acting as a single affiliate.

    Like if you and I got together and both promoted zappos and we decided to use the same zappos aff id to promote stuff. Then so we each got paid right for what we each sold, we could use separate subid's (one for my orders and one for yours). Zappos might give us a raise cuz we look like one power affiliate cuz we're joined together in their eyes.

    Then we could buy a copy of DirectTrack and sign up other affiliates to join us in our pool... in our subaffiliate gathering... in our CPA Network...

    Then we could also create a make-believe affiliate in our group and assign him a number... run ads through adware and spyware and send out hoards of spam too... to make money for ourselves... and when someone complains, we say we'll investigate... and when they push us, we finally agree to fire the rogue affiliate... who is really not an affiliate - he's fake - we made him up. So we'll say we fired him. Next week, we'll just make up another new fake affiliate and start pounding again.

    When others demand that we reveal the bad affiliates, we claim that we can't - it's proprietary information that we have to protect as a legitimate business.
    Pretty crooked. It never seems to amaze me how people can scheme things to beat the system. Eye opener for me. Good post Donuts and thanks for the link Haiko.

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    It looks like the original poster discovered the dictionary. LOL.

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