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    Molly the Cow to Live Happily Ever After
    As you know I am pro cow and I live in Queens so when so local cow news came to my attention I had to share it with everyone.
    We are thrilled to report that Molly the cow has found a safe home as well as a new boyfriend!

    If you hadn’t heard the news, a cow escaped from a New York City slaughterhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

    The black heifer roamed the streets of Queens for nearly a mile before police captured it an hour later and took it to an Animal Care and Control center, where it was nicknamed Molly. The fate of Molly was unclear, however New York Animal Control confirmed that Molly the cow has found a new home at a 60-acre Long Island organic farm and will escape the cleaver.

    She is here with her new boyfriend,” said Rex Farr, who owns The Farrm with his wife. “She can eat some good organic hay and hang around with a lot of her friends. She can eat and sleep for the rest of her life. She is not going anywhere. The bottom line is she will have a very good home.”
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    I go for the bottom line..she should have a good home..Cheers!

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