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    What is the point of Extended Status?
    When I search through my Programs tab looking to apply for a new program, I occasionally come across a program that has a Status of "Extended". There are two buttons underneath the Extended text, one is "Accept" and the other "Remove".

    I have assumed that the Extended Status meant that that program had extended me an offer to join, but when I click the "Accept" and agree to the program terms, the program Status does not change. It still says "Extended". I would expect the Program Status to switch to "Accepted", or at least "Pending". I don't think I have ever been "Accepted" into a program that started with an "Extended" Status - all of those programs still show their original "Extended" status.

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    I've never seen this with any of my programs.

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    If I click the "Remove" button in the Status column (under the "Accept" button), then my Status becomes "Self-removed" and a "Re-apply" button appears. I click that and agree to the program terms and then my Status becomes "Pending". We'll see if that will get things un-stuck.

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