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    Multi-merchant page with Make-A-Page tool
    I see the sAs tool Make-A-Page allows to create pages from one merchant at a time.
    Does anybody know any ways to combine the html output got from single merchants to create a page that includes items from various merchants?

    Also, the pages created by Make-A-Page don't come with paging. I mean, I have to copy/past the html of the single pages.

    Am I missing anything?


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    Make-a-Page created pages from multiple merchants when I first joined -- that function also attracted me to merchants I had not yet joined but then Make-a-Page reverted to pages of products from only a single merchant at a time.

    I wish SAS would fix Make-a-Page so that products from multiple merchants on a topic could be incorporated into the results.

    I have always copied and pasted the resulting html from Make-a-Page: I never use the page, I cut and paste the products that result into my own pages.
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    My suggestion is to make a table for each of the merchants and combine the tables from Make A Page into your page on your website.

    The alternative is to use something like Popshops.
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    My suggestion is to make a table for each of the merchants and combine the tables from Make A Page into your page on your website.
    However, even if I paste the tables in one page, I would still get separated tables (or separated table rows), not a real merger among products of various merchants. The viewers would not feel it as a products comparison page.
    It would involve a lot of manual work with a poor result in terms of page usability and appearance.

    I like ShareASale, however I frankly find that this tool -- Make-a-page -- is pretty useless at this time.
    I also tried WebMerge software, but I found it does not offer a better solution.

    Thanks for your suggestions however. hopefully shareAsale will improve this tool.

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