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    Trying To Find Out Who Zeus Is
    I had a feeling he was here at Zeus Cafe tonight, but I couldn't be sure. To busy watching the Belly Dancer and eating:
    Gyros Plate ($11.99)
    Lean lamb and beef seasoned with oregano and broiled on a vertical grill. Served with rice & hummus.
    Some really good food even if I couldn't ID Zeus.

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    January 18th, 2005
    never had hummus before but rest sounds reallllly good. Makin me hungry lol Look what else I found:
    Ashita ($4.50) Custard filled turnovers topped with syrup and pistachios.
    That sounds reaaaaaallly yummmmmmy

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    You can't see me because there's no sirtaki dancers. I'm not too crazy about Greek food but I like their mythology, philosophers and way of life. I'll be in the Greek Islands in the next few weeks (Nice place to visit). By the way, they are opening a new restaurant in Tennessee.
    Britains Got Talent 2009 Greek Dancers
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    lol sirtaki dancers were very talented hmmm I don't know tho, think I may have spotted Zeus in amongst them. Think he has a lot more talent than we've all known about these years. Very light on his feet

    "I'll be in the Greek Islands"
    ooooooh, do ya think you maybe could post a few photos? Never been there either but from photos I've seen is very pretty Please be sure to have a very safe trip and enjoy yourself

    Other dancers. lol

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