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    I received a letter back from my state rep. He told me since SB 406 was moved to the foot of the Senate Calendar on 4/29/09, this means the bill is in effect, "dead". He told told me he's opposed to this bill and won't take this move for granted, but this is a good sign.

    Time to celebrate?

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    Woot Woot !!!!

    ** LOOKS AT ALL THE MERCHANTS WHO REMOVED ME .. and points fingers ... *****
    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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    I'm a newcomer to this industry & wondering if anyone has an update on the current legal staus in Connecticut of doing online business. Are affiliate programs still blocking CT affiliates or are we in the clear?

    I also read another post somewhere on this forum about CT being problematic for interstate business in general. Are there other laws that any of you have encountered that hinder online business from here?

    Thank you all for your wisdom & input!

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    Hi all.

    I just posted an update and call to action on a new post. Please please get involved now, I mean now as in 12 midnight or 8am in the morning. Read my post or PM me to help out and spread the word to as many CT affiliates as possible.



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