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    I have good products but i need more afilliates
    Yes, I have 6 websites related to Health, Relationship, Finance, Internet Marketing, Dogs and Self Improvement. I'm already earning big income from my products but i still need more affiliates. I already prepared affiliate tools. What do you think?

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    John: As I understand it, you have six "content" or "blog" style web sites, each designed to very gently encourage sales of your electronic publications (e-books). Each site shows authorship by a different person (I'm not sure if these are real people or just pseudonyms you've created to give your sites credibility).

    Issue #1: Your sites don't really promote the sales of your e-pubs; and the products don't seem very compelling, nor could I discern any reason why a consumer would choose your e-book instead of many dozens or hundreds of e-book and print alternatives. (Depending on your traffic sources, I would expect that your conversion rate is far below 0.1%.)

    Issue #2: Your sites include third-party advertising or "leaks" -- other web publishers aren't going to send you traffic which you monetize without sharing the revenue.

    Issue #3: Your affiliate program is offered through ClickBank (not Commission Junction, as implied by your post in this forum). Many publishers don't work with ClickBank because it's filled with very sleazy and questionable products and merchants. (Yes, every network has some sleazy merchants and questionable products; but I find ClickBank to be at the worst end of this spectrum.)

    Quite simply, most affiliates looking at your sites will conclude that you are not a merchant but instead that you are a web publisher.

    If you want to invite ABestWeb members to consider your affiliate program, your best strategy woud be to pay $75 for a "New Program Announcement" advertisement (, instead of posting a short, ambiguous post in a non-relevant forum.

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    John was spamming in the CJ forum to get the most eyeballs. He's been banned.
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