Well, after a long hard start to this year and a few things not going the way I planned a light broke through and I did a little diving off of the Channel Islands off the coast of California.
My fiancť had bought me a scuba diving certification package through PADI through Sport Chalet and off we went!
What a different world, one word: WOW!
It first we did classroom sessions and exercises in their pool which got kinda boring.
Then the day came, yesterday morning at 5:30 am on the dive boat Spectre we went. Excitement was filling the air and we could hardly wait to get to 1st dive location.
Anchors down! Here we go.... After a 7 foot drop into the 50 F temp water, which woke me up more than I was already, we descended into the deep.
This was one of the coolest things I have done. I was awestruck with the life that was present under the surface. I thought to myself, I have caught these guys with my fly rod, now they are here in front of my face.
A little closer look at the bottom and I noticed one of the most magnificently colored sea slugs EVER, It is called a Spanish Shawl! Search it, you will not be disappointed. With its strikingly beautiful hue of blue and yellow, I was amazed that a creature like this even existed. We looked around and say massive kelp and were in shock at how tall these plants can grow with such small roots that anchored them on to the bottom. Our instructor picked up a sea urchin and cracked it in half with his knife, the fish that circled us came in for a treat, Sheep heads(I donít know why they are called that, they donít even look anything like sheep) Garibaldi and even a couple of Calico bass.
Just amazing.
How we are so close to the wild and yet we take it for granted and don't even think that at this second those same animals that surrounded us are in their world fighting for survival.

Thought I'd share,


P.S. did I mention that the water was 50 F? Oh yea I did.