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    Niche and keyword volume
    I'm researching few niches and need some advise.

    What search volume should keywords have on google adwords to make it worthwhile? I have few keywords with ~12k searches per month and little competition.

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    Volume is irrelevant. I presume you plan to make money, not just attract useless tire-kicking traffic.
    You may have 12,000 visitors and 1 buyer, or 100 visitors and 4 buyers for long tail phrase. Long tail money making phrases usually not even shown as stats at Google search tools but they are closely guarded secret by the ones who discover them.

    See which keywords have highest cost per click at Google keyword Tool - this will be your guide on the money making potential.

    The lowest hanging fruits are usually brand names and product names. Brand names are often prohibited to bid on Google though.


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    IO 2nd Gleb. You want to find good longtail terms that are cheap enough and convert well and then duplicate like crazy.
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    I agree with the above posters. What you want to do is test. Lots of people still search on generic terms during research phases but in buying phases may be more narrow. Make sure you have a good analytics program and you will learn a lot.

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    Another factor is "effort required."

    If you are working in a niche where it's relatively easy to auto-generate thousands of keyword-phrases, ad texts, and their corresponding campaign/ad group combinations in a few hours, then it makes sense to include even very-low-traffic keywords. (For example, if you're selling memorabilia related to famous football players, then you might be able to merge a list of football players [for whom merchandise is offered] with standard suffixes ("playername memorabilia," "playername merchandise," "playername jersey," "playername autographed football," etc.) and generate many hundreds of text ads to run in separate ad groups.

    But if you must spend 10-15 minutes crafting ad text for each keyword phrase (or worse, if you must manually generate a custom landing page for each keyword), then of course you'd want to look for keywords that are likely to generate enough conversions and revenue to justify that effort.

    As others note, there is no "single number," because some keywords may convert at 10% or even 20%, while others may convert at 1% or 0.3%.

    And of course, every keyword has its price, and every keyword and landing page has its conversion rate and order size -- so it's all a matter of doing the math, hopefully using some relevant data or some educated estimates.

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