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    I just went down to a new cyber cafe and decided to go thru my merchant links to see if I had some dead one's, which I do. I clicked on some of my merchants links and noticed the address contained the merchant advertisement ID along with my ID at CJ. Much to my surprise I noticed alot of merchants contain none of the above and some with a very long address. My question is as follows, does this mean without my ID I am not receiving credit? How does one tell if all his clicks are being redirected and stolen.? Has anyone had any sales from Henry and June's lingerie? Any info will be appreciated. Perhaps some of the big palyers can enlighten me on how the merchant links should appear.

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    It's possible the machine you were using was infected with a parasite that was intercepting the links. I guess it was also possible that this may have been done deliberately by someone.

    Next time you're down there, head over to and go into the parasites section - that will run an online check on common parasites on the system you are using.

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