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    Google results hijacked - heads up!
    Hi all,

    Just found that my Google search results were hijacked by some other domain (Instead of my domain some other domain appears in the results with my title tags and descriptions). I already reported them through the Google SPAM report form, but thought I'd give all a heads up.

    What happened is lately I noticed a lot less traffic than usually. Today I found that "" is listed instead of my website "", but the title, description and Google cache are from my website.

    For example a search for "Kayako alternative" shows this result on the bottom of first page:
    This page doesn't exists, but the title, description and Google cache are from
    which was listed there few days ago

    So I did a "" search and found a bunch of my pages are listed there (all the /detail-X.php pages (where X is a number), a number of other pages);
    etc... All results from but with the dream4hosting domain.

    I'm not sure how they managed to hijack the results, it looks similar to the old Google 302 redirect problems. Like said I reported the site to Google already, any other ideas what can I do?

    Anyone else has any similar problems?
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    January 17th, 2005
    Update: seems like not all datacenters are affected, some show helpdeskindex and some show dream4hosting in results.
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    You should get a positive response from google - I'm assuming you reported this through their webmaster tools..?

    Last fall I reported a scraper who used my individual product pages to link to their own (tags & all).. my url was clearly visible in their search result, but the link was nothing but a redirect to an affiliate url.

    Within one week, they were deindexed from google. Completely gone. it was a decently ranked price comparison site too.

    Hope it turns out the same for you!

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    I think I see some in the Google. Is this content from your site the ones that are listed in English but when you click on it, it is Arabic.

    If you do it shows different results than dream4hosting

    Make sure you take screen shots of the SERPs and also look at the cache and take a screen shots of the dates that is shown in the cache.

    The more proof the better.

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    yes i encounter those hijacked site and i reported it to google,hope this will be fix

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